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How it Started

When it became difficult to reach our individual goals in 2020 we decided to join forces, combining our strengths to achieve more together - we believe that diversity and working together is key to success. We also hope that our project gives you inspiration to work for a goal in your life. 

Above the Clouds
Dare to Dream BIG
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Dare to Dream Big - kiting Greenland 2021

In May 2021 we were kiting and skiing from Ilulissat to Qaanaaq on Grenland. This Inland unsupported longitudinal expedition was a had a distance of 1442 km. We'll tested equipment, improved our polar skills and fine tune our polar routines for our upcoming Antarctica expedition later this year. That being said Greenland is a serious expedition on it's own. And visiting the beautiful UNESC city of Ilulissat, the glaciers, ice bergs and to meet the Inuits was all a part of our amazing journey. 


Dare to Dream Big - North Pole 2023

The North Pole is one of the most hard-to-reach places on our planet. Our initial plan was to ski the last degree to the North Pole and back to Borneo in 2021, Now that it is postponed until April 2023 we decided to Dream Bigger! 

We are taking on a tougher challenge across the frozen surface of the Arctic Ocean.  Wherever you stand, is only drifting ice and several kilometers of crystal clear and cold ocean under it.


With temperatures that can get as low as -40C we will start around 88° North and ski the last two degrees to the North pole - 90° North. The distance is depending on the ice drift - about 222km. 

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Dare to Dream Big - Antarctica 2022

In November 2022 we're heading for Antarctica. Both of us have previously climbed Mt. Vinson, the highest peak in Antarctica. Antarctica is incredible beautiful and such a large continent. 

Our plan was to climb an unclimbed peak, ski 500km to the South Pole and ski-kite the 1100 km back to the coast.

Because we had to postpone our expedition, we have been re-thinking and now have a new and even more exciting plan! 

We will do a 4200km crossing of Antarctica, the longest crossing for a woman, with two big goals on the way. 


Adventure Awaits


Both Siv and Håkon are experienced speakers. We both do individual taks and one together where we share stories from our Dare to Dream BIG project. 

The mindset of Dreaming BIG is a summary of daily choices that will allow you to set high goals.  We do both live and online talks. Get in touch for more information.